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Today’s industrial applications often require a sophisticated, engineered systems approach. These systems consist of numerous state-of-the-art components and/or controls. Most manufacturers specialize in a single area of technology -some provide only detection or input devices, others supply only the electronics, while others proffer only extinguishing systems.  SST is unique because it can design and manufacture complete, fully-integrated turnkey systems for grass roots projects or for existing compatible equipment. SST has provided both small- and large-scale fire detection, vapor/gas monitoring, operation and field input devices, alarms, supervisory electronics, monitoring cameras, and extinguishing systems in the following industries:

  •       Petrochemical
  •       Refineries
  •       Onshore and Offshore Oil Production
  •       Loading Racks
  •       Oil and Gas Pipelines
  •       Oil and Product Storage Tank Farms
  •       Cogeneration
  •       Industrial
  •       Sewage Treatment
  •       Nuclear Power
  •       Tunnel Building and Mining
  •       Utilities
  •       Telecommunication
  •       Aircraft Hangars
  •       Hazardous Waste Storage

SST has the capability to provide complete drawings, electrical schematics, mechanical assembly drawings in electronic format that our customers can keep for their records to maintain the system and a bill of materials of the items used to assemble the equipment which is invaluable for future expansions and acquisition of equipment parts.