Career Opportunities


Imagine playing a role in protecting the lives of those who work in the most inhospitable and dangerous environments all over the world. At SST, you can. We are developing technologies to help detect and prevent conditions that may lead to catastrophic accidents in heavy industrial facilities. We’re actively involved in setting new standards in developing innovative safety technologies so companies can protect their people from the inherent dangers of their work and their environment. Our mission requires outstanding leaders. The challenges are endless. It is through these challenges that we discover our capacity to understand the complexities of the world around us and apply our unique experiences in developing innovative solutions for mankind. If you want a career that is exciting, challenging, and rewarding, we hope you consider SST as we explore the boundaries of industrial safety technologies.

Safety Systems Technology believes our people are our greatest asset. We strive to select exceptional people who have an extraordinary combination of attributes and who strongly believe in our mission. In return, we provide them with an environment for growth to further enhance their personal skills and capabilities to help them reach their full potential through a culture of continuous learning and a work environment full of dynamic challenges.

Client First Philosophy

SST values a client first philosophy. In order to pursue this, we adhere to the highest level of professionalism, integrity, and excellence.


Innovation is the cornerstone of our growth. We strive to provide products in the marketplace developed through innovative thinking and pushing the boundaries of existing technologies.

Continuous Learning

We take pride in our investment in you. We help you to further enhance your skills and knowledge throughout your time with SST so you’ll have a career you can be proud of.

A Global Business

SST conducts business all over the world, with private enterprise and government institutions. Your time with us gives you access to unique experiences full of dynamic challenges to offer you a rewarding career.

Let’s Get To Know Each Other

We are always looking for top people.  Think you’ve got the right stuff to join a diverse, highly talented, and great people?  Then send us your resume to