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Warehouse catches fire in Connecticut

Posted on by SST

A fire broke out at an industrial complex in Sterling, Conn., according to NBC affiliate WVIT.

It occurred early in the morning on Aug. 8 at the Sterling Industrial Park. One of the facilities in the industrial complex, the Exeter Energy Plant, was reported to have been on fire. The facility is mostly used to shred tires in order to procure energy.

Crews from 10 different fire departments responded to the blaze and were able to put out the fire after a few hours. There has been no official word on the cause of the fire, though an investigation is likely underway. The report does not say if the building employed a fire alarm control system in the event of this type of outbreak.

There were employees in the building at the time, but there were no injuries reported.

The fire is not the first incident at this industrial park. The facility was forcibly evacuated in January following a fire in the building's boiler room.

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