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Ammonia leak sends multiple workers to the hospital

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A toxic gas leak at a Pennsylvania dairy facility caused employees to need medical attention, according to Pittsburgh ABC affiliate WTAE.

A hazmat team was notified about a potential ammonia leak at the Schneider's Dairy plant Aug. 5 and was on the scene to assist workers who were complaining of dizziness and nausea. Overall, 17 people were treated and 11 were transported to a local hospital as a precaution.

"Two individuals had respiratory complaints, the rest of them were primarily taken for further evaluation," said Todd Pritchard, of the Medical Response Team South. "Since they were employees, we just want to make sure they were OK."

Investigators believe that it was caused when a safety valve dispersed ammonia into the air. They estimate that approximately 50 pounds of gas was released. Given the lack of injuries, it appears a toxic gas detector may have been in place.

The facility is located in a residential neighborhood, but officials believe that residents were never in danger.

"It is a safe scene and we can't stress enough for the local residents, you're in no immediate danger, we're not ordering any type of evacuation," said Alvin Henderson, the chief of Allegheny County Emergency Services.

The plant has since resumed business operations.

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