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SST Can Provide Turbine Manufacturers Fire and Gas Detections Systems

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SST Can Provide Turbine Manufacturers Fire and Gas Detections Systems

Almost all of the electrical power produced to power homes and businesses are produced by a turbine of some type.  You could consider windmills and water wheels as examples of early turbines.  For over 20 years, SST has provided key parts and equipment to turbine manufacturers for their fire and safety needs.  Typically, these turbines are powered by coal, oil fuel, or gas.  As such, the need for fire and gas detection equipment necessitates its operation to ensure the safety of key personnel and protect this high value equipment.  SST’s goal is to provide the highest quality and reliability to detect any fires or fuel leaks where these turbines are installed.  Safety personnel will find SST’s equipment simple to use, install, and maintain.   With a worldwide sales distribution, access to SST’s full-line of fire and gas detection equipment has never been simpler.  SST’s engineering team has the capability to integrate its full-line of fire and gas detection systems with the turbines’ internal systems.

SST manufactures UV/IR flame detectors, smoke detectors, heat detectors, infrared combustible gas detectors, catalytic combustible gas detectors, toxic gas detectors, and suppression systems.  In addition, SST has the ability to customize these systems to the manufacturer’s specifications.  Many of our detection devices are explosion proof to permit installation in hazardous locations. And our NOVA-5000 modular control system is fully customizable to receive the signals from your alarm devices and initiate the proper actions to protect your equipment and personnel.

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