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Recycling plant goes up in smoke for a second time

Posted on by SST

For reasons still unknown, Recycling Express, a cardboard recycling plant, caught fire for the second time this year. 

As reported by Florence, Ky. ABC affiliate WCPO, the first incident – a second alarm fire – took place in early April, prompting several firefighter crews from the area to arrive on the scene. Information was not disclosed regarding the extent of damage caused by the fire, or the fire's cause. 

Again, on June 6, smoke was reported coming from the plant's roof at 8 a.m. While no injuries were reported in either incident, Florence fire crews contained the fire in both cases. The cause of the fire is unknown.

It is important for any industrial facility to implement a smoking control program. Even though every warehouse should be fire-safety compliant, using a fire alarm system and smoke detector, an employee smoking policy goes to the heart of fire prevention.

Industrial warehouses and facilities often have a large number of combustible materials, and it is for this reason that a "no smoking" policy be adopted. For employees or customers that continue to smoke, designated smoking areas with proper fire-resistant receptacles can be created.

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