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Bangladesh factory fire prompts U.S. involvement

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In lieu of a devastating factory collapse and fire in recent weeks in Bangladesh, the U.S. government is taking a stand on safety.

According to Reuters, the 1,130 people who perished as a result of the unfortunate events in Bangladesh have refocused international attention on safety protocols such as building inspections and installations of a fire alarm system.

Major U.S. retailers who source their products from garment and textile factories in Asia are struggling to navigate the disparity between the need for safety and the lack of laws and staff that support and implement adequate safety measures.

"On the labor issue, absolutely, buyers have a critical role and they must be engaged," Wendy Sherman, U.S. Under Secretary of State for political affairs, told Reuters.

She also said U.S. companies should continue to work with foreign factories to improve safety standards. 

"We are encouraging international investors not to turn their back on Bangladesh, because the solution is reform, not withdrawal," Sherman said.

In addition, Sherman noted that the United States was throwing support behind labor organizations as well as safety inspection organizations to bolster better working conditions and advocate for workers' rights.

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