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Oil industry’s labor shortage affecting employee safety

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The oil and gas industry can be a dangerous one for workers. Gas leaks, well fires, explosions and other hazards are present in the industry, but the proper combustible gas leak detectors can help keep workers safe.

According to a recent report, the oil and gas industry is experiencing a shortage of skilled labor, which is affecting worker safety. The Global Oil and Gas Workforce Survey found that the skills shortage is felt the most in the liquefied natural gas and subsea sectors. Worker safety is compromised when there are less employees and the same amount of work to be done. Safety measures and the proper equipment and training may be overlooked, which could be fatal for someone who is not aware of the surrounding dangers.

"Positions in certain geographic areas have historically attracted higher compensation to reflect the safety issues tied to the work location," Mark Guest, managing director of said. "It is clear, though, that the industry must concentrate on developing the workforce in order to ensure knowledge is passed on and the required experience is in place to manage the world's oil and gas reserves."

Some surveyed workers think the labor shortage is a threat
According to the survey, almost one third of participants who responded said they felt the skills shortage was posing the largest threat to the oil industry compared to any other potential obstacles. A lack of skilled trainers was another issue identified by more than 20 percent of the oil industry's workforce.

"The skills shortage is a major challenge the industry must overcome to continue to thrive," said Air Energi Group Executive Chairman Ian Langley. "The shortage of subsea and LNG personnel is being felt throughout the industry with significant effect in terms of project costs and delays. It's clear that without the right people on the ground we won't get the reserves out of the ground."

In an sector as dangerous as the oil industry, it is important to make sure all employees and those who are conducting the training for them are kept safe at a job site. Not having proper safety equipment in place could result in worker injury or a fatality. 

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