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Arizona recycling center fire tests local firefighters amid high temperatures

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The need for adequate fire extinguisher systems is only exasperated by the 108 degree weather keeping some Phoenix, Ariz., firefighters busy this summer.

As reported by Phoenix, Ariz., Fox News affiliate KSAZ, the Friedman Recycling Plant caught fire on the morning of June 9 as extreme temperatures contributed to the blaze after a paper bale caught fire.

"[It] doesn't take much to get them going," said David Johnson, Phoenix Fire captain, told KSAZ. "Recycling fires, mulch fires – they just seem to happen with the combustion and what not and with everything being so packed together so tightly doesn't take much to get them going."

According to Johnson, with such extreme temperatures, minor fires of this sort occur frequently. During the past month alone, the Phoenix Fire Company has needed to visit the Friedman Recycling Plant twice to exterminate minor fires such as the June 9 incident.

As fire officials explained, when approaching a fire under such weather conditions, there are two main priorities. The first is to control the fire. The second is to take care of each other. 

"We rotate the crews a little bit more frequently," said Johnson. "Obviously nobody can go as long as they would when the temperatures a lot cooler. [We] drink a lot of water in preparation."

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