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Combustible Gas Sensor Installation and Calibration Accessories

Installation and Calibration Accessories include junction boxes for mounting sensors on walls, ceilings or air ducts. Additional accessories available to protect sensors from water or dust, and test gas for verifying sensor performance.

Features and Benefits

  • Additional features and protection for Gas Sensors
  • Compatible with GC800 series Combustible Gas Sensors
  • Compatible with GIR900 series Infrared (IR) Sensors
  • Compatible with GT810 series Toxic Gas Sensors
  • Compatible with GT820 series Oxygen Deficiency/Enrichment Sensors


These accessories are used with the SST Model GC800 Combustible Gas Sensor, GC801 NOVA-Sensor®, GT810 Toxic Gas Sensor, GT811 NOVA-Sensor®, GT820 Oxygen Deficiency/Enrichment Sensor, or GT821 NOVA-Sensor®. They provide additional features or protection as described below.

Rain Shield for installation on front of sensor housing. Protects the sensor from dripping rain and blowing snow. The rain shield slips over the front of the sensor and is held in place with set screws. A metal screen is permanently installed in the front of the housing to trap rain drips or snow flakes before they reach the sensor. For additional protection, a dust cover accessory may be snapped onto the front of the rain shield.

Dust Cover for installation on front of sensor housing, or on front of the rain shield. A 40 micron filter protects the sensor from being contaminated by dust or oil droplets. Also effective in shielding the sensor from high wind environments.

Sampling Block (not pictured) can be installed on sensor and used to extract a sample of the atmosphere from an area where sensor cannot be normally mounted directly. Block is connected to sampled volume with stainless steel tubing, and a vacuum pump is used to extract a sample of the air for application to the sensor. Includes connection for calibration gas.

Remote Calibration Adapter is installed onto the front of sensors that are located in inaccessible locations. The calibration adapter acts as both a rain shield and dust cover, and also includes a connection for introduction of calibration gas via tubing routed to a convenient location. We recommend the use of “Tygon” tubing. Or the supplied tubing connector may be removed and replaced with a suitable compression fitting if metal tubing is preferred.

Duct Mounting Assembly is used to install the gas sensor directly on a heating or air conditioning duct for monitoring the air in the duct. Includes connection for introducing calibration gas into the sensor.

Portable Purge Calibrators include a valve, flow regulator, pressure gauge, and tubing with adapter cup to introduce test gas onto the sensor. The calibrators screw onto test gas cylinders. The refillable cylinder type calibrator is for use only with combustible gas sensors. Each refillable cylinder contains 3.6 cubic feet (103 liters) of test gas, which provides approximately 120 normal calibrations per cylinder. Refill service is available from Safety Systems Technology. The disposable cylinder calibrator may be used for either combustible or toxic gasses. Disposable cylinders contain 2 cubic feet (58 liters) of gas, approximately 40 normal calibrations.

Gas Collection Cone attaches to the front of combustible or toxic gas sensors. Used with loghter-than-air gases (hydrogen, ammonia, etc.) to improve detection capability. All stainless steel construction. Includes connection for introducing calibration gas onto the sensor.

Ordering Information


851-1 Rain Shield, Stainless Steel
851-2 Rain Shield, Anodized Aluminum
852-1 Dust Cover; Stainless Steel Mounts directly to toxic gas sensors. 851-1 or 851-2 required to use dust cover on combustible gas sensors.
853-1 Gas Sampling Block
854-1 Duct Mounting Assembly, Stainless Steel
854-2 Duct Mounting Assembly, Anodized Aluminum
856-01 Portable Purge Calibrator for use with refillable test gas cylinders
856-** Cylinder of Test Gas, refillable type
857-01 Portable Purge Calibrator for use with disposable test gas cylinders
857-** Cylinder of Test Gas, disposable type
858-1 Remote Calibration Adapter, Stainless Steel
858-2 Remote Calibration Adapter, Aluminum
859-1 Gas Collection Cone, Stainless Steel
  • **insert suffix to indicate test gas:
  • -02 Methane, 50% LEL
  • -03 Propane, 50% LEL
  • -04 Hydrogen
  • -05 Butane 50% LEL
  • -06 Butadiene 50% LEL
  • -07 Ethane 50% LEL
  • -11 Hydrogen Sulfide, 10 PPM
  • -12 Hydrogen Sulfide, 25 PPM
  • -13 Hydrogen Sulfide, 50 PPM
  • -22 Sulfur Dioxide, 10 PPM
  • -32 Carbon Monoxide, 20 PPM
  • -42 Ammonia , 50 PPM
  • -52 Chlorine, 5 PPM
  • -61 Oxygen, 25% v/v
  • -85 Zero Air
  • Other mixtures available. Contact factory for details.