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Oil Spill Cleanup

EcoStampSST is proud to bring you a line of innovative industrial foams designed specifically for the oil industry. These industrial foams are made from a plant-based and sustainable resource. In addition, these foams are 100% recyclable and manufactured with no harmful by-products and no ozone depleting chemicals. These industrial foams are tough because a unique chemical reaction provides for more cross link density, giving them elastic strength, and longer life than traditional foams. And unlike other foam manufacturers, these foams are manufactured in a facility that produces zero emissions and the entire process produces negative carbon footprint. Best of all, these foams are designed, engineered, and Made in the U.S.A.

EcoSmart Oil Containment Booms

An oil boom that is actually oil absorbent.  It will not only contain the oil it will absorb it! Our foam-based “sorbent” oil containment booms are engineered from the same plant-based resources formulations as our leading smart pad products and Made in the USA. These booms are designed to provide a quick and reliable means to contain oil and the boom is fast to deploy, lightweight, and easy to handle.

Eco Smart Pads

EcoSmart Pads are specifically designed for use to contain minor oil leak or spill on land and water.  The pads are engineered from the same Smart Foam formulation from our oil containment booms which makes it highly absorbent and floats on water.  It is environmentally-friendly since the foam is made from vegetable oil, a sustainable and natural resource.

EcoSmart xTractor

This patented extractor is a rugged and powerful tool that makes extracting oil and other contaminates from your foam based pad or boom products easier than before.