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5600 Free Standing System Enclosures

Product Literature

5600 Free Standing System Enclosures are available in sizes to accommodate multiple 16 space Module Mounting Racks. They can be located directly on the floor with rear access to the mounting racks, or in small sizes placed on a table or console.

Features and Benefits

  • Perfect solution for packaging NOVA-5000 System where floor, console or table mounting is required
  • Front window permits viewing system status
  • Key lock on front door prevents unauthorized access to silence and reset controls per NFPA standards
  • Rear door permits access to all wiring for maintenance purposes
  • Optional front access version with swing out frame for locations where rear access is not possible
  • Rated for NEMA12/IP55 applications
  • UL, CSA and IEC rated for worldwide use
  • Available in sizes to fit one to seven NOVA-5000 racks


SST Model 5600 System Enclosures are a convenient way to mount your NOVA-5000 Detection and Control System in locations where a free-standing enclosure is desired. The enclosure provides standard 19 inch wide mounting spaces for Model 5300 16 position module racks. The smaller 28 inch high enclosure is suitable for mounting on a table or control room console. The larger 79 inch high enclosures are for floor mounting. The 79 inch rack is available with a rear door for locations where back access is available. Where rear access to the equipment enclosure is not possible, the front access version is used to mount the module racks on a swingout frame, and the rear door is replaced with a solid panel.

Recommended Configurations

The NOVA-5000 System Racks (Model 5300) should be mounted in the front section, starting at the top. At least one rack mounting space should be allowed above each rack for mounting nameplates and to provide proper ventilation for the module components. Each rack and the associated nameplate space requires 4 rack units (4U) space in the enclosure. If backup batteries are required for the system, it is convenient to leave enough unused space at the bottom of the enclosure to allow the batteries to sit on the bottom pan of the enclosure. The incoming wires from the field devices should connect to terminal blocks mounted on the side panels of the enclosure. Then use smaller, more flexible wires to connect the racks to the field terminal blocks. System power supplies should also be mounted in the lower part of the enclosure.

Architect's and Engineer's Specifications

The system enclosure shall be a free standing (floor or table) mounted unit with arrangement to permit access to all terminals and components on the rear of the module mounting racks. There shall be a key-locked front door with viewing window. Removable gland plates shall be provided on the bottom of the enclosure for field installation of cable glands or conduit connectors. The unit shall be sealed and approved for NEMA12/IP55 applications. Safety Systems Technology Model 5600 Free Standing System Enclosure, or equivalent, shall be supplied.

Technical Specifications and Ordering Information

Technical Specifications

Material: 16 gauge (1.5 mm) sheet steel with extruded aluminum front door
Finish: Pebble grey textured baked enamel cabinet with mortar grey or dark brown anodized front door frame
Size: width: 23.62 inches, 600 mm
depth: 23.62 inches, 600 mm
height: 27.5 inches, 700 mm (13U size); 78.75 inches, 2000 mm (40U or 43U size)
Ratings: NEMA 12, IP55 per EN 60529/10.91
Approvals: UL, CSA, IEC

Ordering Information

35600-13 Model 5600 Free Standing System Enclosure,1 3U high Mounts (1) NOVA-5000 rack only. Rear access space required
35600-43 Model 5600 Free Standing System Enclosure, 43U high Mounts up to (7) NOVA-5000 racks. Rear access space required
35600-40-FA Model 5600 Free Standing System Enclosure with swing out mounting frame for racks, 40U high. Mounts up to (7) NOVA-5000 racks. No rear access provided.
35310-16 Nameplate holder, 1U high
35650-1 Field Wiring Terminal Blocks, package of 50
37370 Mounting track for above terminal blocks, 1 meter long Mounts up to 150 terminals
20351-RP1U Blank panel for unused rack space, 1U high
20351-RP2U Blank panel for unused rack space, 2U high
20351-RP4U Blank panel for unused rack space, 4U high