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EcoSmart Foams

EcoStampThrough a distribution partnership with AirTech, manufacturer of environmental friendly foams, SST is proud to bring you a line of innovative industrial foams designed specifically for the oil industry.  These industrial foams are made from soybean oil, a renewable and sustainable resource.  In addition, these foams are 100% recyclable and manufactured with no harmful by-products and no ozone depleting chemicals.  These industrial foams are tough because a unique chemical reaction provides for more cross link density, giving them elastic strength, and longer life than traditional foams.  And unlike other foam manufacturers, these foams are manufactured in a facility that produces zero emissions and the entire process produces negative carbon footprint.  Best of all, these foams are designed, engineered, and Made in the U.S.A.

SST’s line of EcoSmart Foams are not only environmentally-friendly, they are oil absorbent and hydrophobic.  These foams come in various shapes and sizes engineered to tackle oil spills from oil absorbing pads and sponges to oil absorbent booms.  In addition, Airtech’s Smart Foam meets or exceeds all EPA requirements as a sorbent material.

Download our EcoSmart Foam information sheets below to learn more about these amazing new products!

Download the EcoSmart Foam information sheet.
Download the Industrial EcoSmart Foam information sheet.