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NOVA-5000 Detection and Control System

NOVA-5000 Detection and Control System

5000, Fire and gas alarm system

SST’s conventional fire and gas alarm control system, the NOVA-5000, is customized for each installation by selecting from a number of different control modules to perform the required functions. The selected assortment of modules plug into one or more racks, which interconnect the modules to perform the required protection functions. NOVA-5000 Detection and Control System is an overview of the entire system and details some of the many functions available by selecting the various available modules.  Click on LEARN MORE for additional information and datasheet for the entire system.  Or e-mail drawings or specifications to obtain a quote at


Input Modules

Input Modules are used to connect flame detectors, smoke detectors, heat detectors, manual fire stations, gas detectors and any other contact-closing initiating devices to the control system.

Output Modules

Output modules are used to activate audible and visual alarms, solenoid valves for suppression systems, and other external equipment.

Logic Modules

Logic modules are used to monitor a number of different points in a hazard zone and report when a pre-selected number of these points are in an alarm condition.  Other available logic modules can be used when dry relay contacts are required to perform various logic functions.  The dry contacts may be used to communicate with and or drive external equipment such as annunciators, SCADA data acquisition systems, or host computers.  The contacts can also be used to perform various logic functions within the NOVA-5000 Detection and Control System.

Module Racks & Enclosures

The SST Model 5300 Module Mounting Rack provides mounting space for up to 16 standard NOvA-5000 System Modules.  It occupies 5 1/4 inches of vertical mounting space in an EIA standard 19 inch wide cabinet.  The rack has 4, 8, or 16 sets of "card guides" into which the printed circuit card that is part of each NOVA-5000 module slides.  A printed circuit "backplane" on the rear of the rack is equipped with connectors which mate with the connectors which mate with the connectors on the rear of each module.