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Intelligent Data Logging System

SST’s plug-and-play intelligent data logging system provides you with a record and history of your processes.  All of your process controls, fire alarms, and other sensors can be fully integrated into this system to provide you with a record or for further analysis.

Features and Benefits

  • Web based turnkey package to provide you with intelligent data logging for all your sensors
  • System includes plug-and-play wireless sensor interface for all your sensor nodes and available in explosion-proof housing
  • Custom router
  • Optional local data storage for immediate data retrieval
  • Secure web service for data logging and management
  • Automatic E-mail and or Twitter notification for alarms/events triggered by the sensors
  • Real-time visualization and automated analysis of system processes
  • Automated trending — identify looming problems before they shut down your process or equipment
  • Drive optimization — identify critical paths that enable process improvement
  • Rapid deployment and integration of new sensors— get data-driven solutions quickly
  • Intelligent data logging — ideal for forensic analysis or for unattended/outdoor applications

System Packages

SST’s intelligent data logging system includes: 

  • Wireless sensor interface (explosion-proof or non-explosion proof)
  • Custom router
  • Optional redundant local data storage
  • Secured monthly subscription web service for data logging and management

VulcanConnect Components

1. VulcanConnect Router

This device connects to the same VulcanConnect Interface Modules, but functionally replaces the VulcanConnect Panel with a VulcanConnect Router. This lower-cost solution sends all sensor data to a website hosted on the internet vs. a local display and storage device. This provides the advantage of easy worldwide access to your data from any internet connected device – a PC, tablet, or smartphone – and is secured through password protection. The lower cost VulcanConnect Router does not provide a display or local data storage, and does require a hard-line internet connection for gateway purposes. For remote applications, the Router can be alternatively outfitted with a 3G cellular modem.

2. Interface Module
The Interface Module is the hardware that turns any sensor into a plug-and-play wireless node. Its input offers signal conditioning for raw analog signals (BNC connector), receipt of output from pre-conditioned analog sensors (e.g. 0-10V or 4-20mA), and typical digital interfaces (RS-232). Standalone data logging is built-in – storage is based on SD memory cards and is user upgradeable. A WiFi chipset and antenna link the Interface Module to the Network. And lastly the Interface Module accepts battery power, making the system truly wireless when needed.

4. Networking Layer
The Network is what makes the system extremely easy to setup and configure. The Router, and Interface Modules are WiFi enabled, but are designed and configured to run on their own private WiFi network. Other computers by default cannot join the network which improves overall security, but more importantly, running its own network means that there’s no user setup involved. The system is preset to talk only to other devices in the network. The network can be connected to another LAN (through the Panel or Router), but this must be a hard-wired connection or through SST’s optional 3G cellular modem. This ensures easy connection and better security of your data.