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One Channel Combustible Gas Sampling System

Product Literature

  • Combustible Gas Sampling System
  • Custom Special Order
  • Intelligent Model
  • Catalytic or Infrared Sensor
  • LCD Display
  • 4-20mA output
  • Relay Contacts
  • 2 Alarm Set Points
  • Explosion-proof

Features and Benefits

A complete and fully assembled gas sampling system which uses customer supplied instrument air to create a vacuum which extracts the sample gas from the source and passes through a sampling block and through the gas sensor.  The system is custom built in a non-metallic NEMA4 enclosure with all the components required to extract the gas sample and check the level of combustible gas present.  The system includes a built-in NOVA-Sensor ELITE controller with bright LCD display of gas concentration in % LEL, a gas sampling block, combustible gas sensor, sensor calibration switch, 24V DC power supply, a flow meter with integral pressure regulator, filter/regulator for instrument air, vacuum eductor, filter with liquid drain for sample, 3-way brass ball valve for calibrating gas, ¼ inch tubing, and tube fittings.   Optional accessories available include a drain solenoid controller for automatic liquid drain, drain solenoid valve and heater.  The heater is supplied as an optional accessory to prevent condensation within the unit for outdoor applications.

The system is pre-calibrated and delivered ready to install.  Simply connect power, air, and tubing from the area being monitored.

For applications which require monitoring of multiple gases, the system can be custom designed to monitor any combination of combustible, toxic, and oxygen simultaneously.